Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue

It’s Thursday which means it’s almost Friday and the first weekend of 2018. Who’s ready!? As soon as my back feels better as I think I must have slept on it wrong Tuesday night and warms back up, I will be I hope. Anyways, back in June, I started getting these breakouts which okay are normal, but after treating them with various Essential Oils, as usual, they still kept coming back. I decided to share what I finally had to do, so, let’s get started with “Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue…” Continue reading “Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue”

My Cupping Experience

Hello Random Tuesday!

Alright so a couple of weeks ago I went to my massage therapist whom I have gone to for over 10 years. I noticed these bulb looking things on her desk and asked her about them. She said they were for cupping and ever since the Olympics a lot of her clients have been asking her about getting cupping done. Up until the Olympics I’d never even heard of cupping so I was interested in what exactly it did. Continue reading “My Cupping Experience”