Rose Drawing

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m heading back up to the elementary class I’ve been doing my observation for about the last week and kinda sad it’s my last day. At least I know I’ll be back soon (fingers crossed!). Anyways, since it’s now Valentines Week I thought I would show off my “Rose Drawing.” So, let’s get started… Continue reading “Rose Drawing”

Gobble til You Wobble Turkey Drawing

Good Morning Monday!! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m hoping to get some things finished around here and work on some of the teaching certification stuff since I’ve been avoiding it due to frustration. Anyways, since it’s Thanksgiving Week I thought I would make it my theme.  So, let’s get started with my “Gobble til You Wobble Turkey Drawing…” Continue reading “Gobble til You Wobble Turkey Drawing”

Don’t Be Jelly Jellyfish Drawing

Happy Columbus Day y’all!! Hope everyone has a great day especially if you are off and/or out of school! I’m working on certification stuff, posts, and packing my things for my move just to be ready and not have to do it all at once when it does finally happen. Anyways, today I wanted to share a drawing I did by accident back when I did my “Umbrella Drawing“. So, let’s get started with my “Don’t Be Jelly Jellyfish Drawing…” Continue reading “Don’t Be Jelly Jellyfish Drawing”

National Craft Month

It’s Make It Monday!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! All I did was study, study, and study more. I also finally scheduled my test I will be taking soon. With that said, I may miss a few days since I really have to concentrate more on studying for this test than anything else. Hopefully I won’t, but you just never know. Anyways, did y’all know it is National Craft Month? Well, it is. Since I have been scrapbooking most of my life I decided I would do something based on scrapbooking. Let’s get started… Continue reading “National Craft Month”

Becoming a Tripawd….

It’s Random Tuesday once again!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT morning!  Me, I had to go to the dentist at 7am for my 6 month cleaning but after leaving and getting half way there I realized I forgot something I needed.  Once I got back home to get it and went to get out of the car, I saw I managed to forget to also change shoes as I was still in my UGG house shoes. 😂  So yea, my mornings been GREAT!

Any who…

I’ve mentioned my Gracie baby a few times in my previous posts.  For this post I wanted to tell you about the time she tragically broke her front left leg.  I know I’ve touched on this subject too, but I thought I would go a little more in-depth. Continue reading “Becoming a Tripawd….”