Study/Concentration Roller Blend

Happy Oily Thursday Y’all!

Since I got diagnosed with a ‘learning disability;’ I started taking Concerta to help me concentrate better when it came to studying and test taking. I would have never gotten to where I am now, without it. In 2006, my mom and I visited a certified aromatherapist with the main reason being to get something to help the tremor in my mom’s arm due to her stroke in 2004. While there, I also left with a blend to use instead of taking my prescription. Unfortunately, I ran out of the blend and the aromatherapist moved.

When I became a Young Living Consultant in 2014, I decided to make my own blend to use instead of my prescription even though I’m not in school anymore, the blend helps with concentration, staying awake while trying to work on various things. I also use it sometimes for staying alert and awake while driving long distances. So, to continue once again on our school theme, I am going to share my study/concentration roller blend. Continue reading “Study/Concentration Roller Blend”

Olympics Countdown

It’s Make It MONDAY!!

The Olympics Countdown for the opening has started! It is ONLY three days until the Opening Ceremony now so times a ticking. If you have read my previous posts, you would know I was planning on doing an add-on to one of them. As you have already probably figured out, it’s something that has to do with the Olympics. The ‘add-on’ project is from my “Make It Monday” on the Fourth of July, which you can find here.

I know I said I was going to finish the project from last week; however, I completely forgot this week was the start of the games so the continuation of that project is now for next weeks post.

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