Hearts of Luck Clover Bag

Happy Happy Make It Monday!

Hope everyone had a great productive or relaxing weekend! Did y’all enjoy losing the hour as much as I did? Despite setting my alarm to go off twice plus my cat, I still didn’t manage to get up at the time I wanted to yesterday morning. Fortunately for me, except for when I have had surgeries, I have never slept past 8 am. Other than the time changing issue, I was either studying, walking on the treadmill, or sleeping for the most part. Anyways, remember the 4-leaf clover I hand drew a couple weeks ago? Well, I have another project I made with it and I think it’s super cute. Shh…I plan on giving it to one of my cousins. She’s like me with my dolphins, loves clovers. Let’s get started with “Hearts of Luck Clover Bag…” Continue reading “Hearts of Luck Clover Bag”