Cinco de Mayo Double Page

It’s Cinco de Mayo Day!! Hope everyone has a great day! And hope Happy Birthday to my friend in Washington State! Hope you have a great day! So, yesterday nothing wanted to go right for me. I was very close to just saying forget this post, but I didn’t and went ahead and got my double page finished. YAY! Anyways, let’s get started with “Cinco de Mayo Double Page….” Continue reading “Cinco de Mayo Double Page”

Happy Easter Y’all Double Page

Happy Good Friday everyone! Hope y’all have a great day especially if y’all have the day off! I’m so excited to share this double page layout with you guys and really hope y’all love it as much as I do! Remember the “Easter Egg Drawings” I did last week and my “Write It Wednesday” post from this week? Well, they’re back! Let’s get started with “Happy Easter Y’all Double Page….” Continue reading “Happy Easter Y’all Double Page”

Easter Retreat

Oh NO Make It Monday!

It’s Monday once again! I need today and tomorrow to go by super slow, and then just be finished with this week so I can be ready for next. Of course, I still have to pack and who knows what I am taking. Anyways, today I am putting together some cute little candy holders I found off of Cricut’s Ready to Make Projects. For those going no looking! 😂 Let’s get started with “Easter Retreat…” Continue reading “Easter Retreat”