National Oceans Month

It’s Wednesday! Hope everyone has a great day! Also, hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend this past weekend. Me? I actually got in the pool and relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long. Anyways, did you know… June is “National Oceans Month?” Well, it is so I thought I would put together a little something for it. So, let’s get started with “National Oceans Month..” Continue reading “National Oceans Month”

Happy Easter Y’all

It’s Write It Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope y’all have had a great week so far. I’m studying once again just in case for any sections I may have to retake on the big test I took a couple weeks ago. I’ll know Friday how I did exactly but you can never be too prepared right?! Anyways, since Easter is just around the corner (this Sunday in case you didn’t realize), I thought I would continue my Easter theme posts. Let’s get started with “Happy Easter Y’all…” Continue reading “Happy Easter Y’all”

Test Day

Hope y’all have a great day! I, on the other hand, am most likely I am taking my test. Since I refuse to miss a day of posting, I decided to go ahead and do this post right quick. If you are new to brush calligraphy, this is a quick and simple way to blend two colors together. Though, it is going to be super short. Let’s get started with “Test Day…” Continue reading “Test Day”