Fun in the Sun

Well, it’s Wednesday again and I am still trying to catch up on sleep from all the excitment last week. I’ll get there eventually I hope but at this rate probably after I take my exam again. I’m thinking on the plane when I hope to go see my best friend but we shall see. Anyways, did you see my Instagram post last Thursday/Friday as part of National Best Friends Day with some new pens I got? Well, I decided to show them off again today so let’s get started with “Fun in the Sun…..” Continue reading “Fun in the Sun”

Cafe Istanbul

Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! It has been quit a week driving back and forth between home and Dallas. I can’t believe we are heading to Tyler this week for our scrapbook retreat and I’m super excited to hopefully get a lot finished but I guess we will see as I may end up catching up on sleep. Anyways, last Saturday we had lunch at one of my favorite resturants in the Dallas area as part of my Birthday month so I thought I would tell y’all about this place. Let’s get started with “Cafe Istanbul….” Continue reading “Cafe Istanbul”