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Happy Random Tuesday!

So, for Christmas I got one of those Simply Fit Boards that was a start-up on the Shark Tank. Since I just had my hip scope surgery, I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it right away, but thought I would take it up to my physical therapist and see what he thought. It was actually quite funny as he decided to look up the video on You Tube and then try it out for himself. Almost all the physical therapists there that day gave it a try after that. Since I’m not to the point of twisting on it, I thought I would share the different things my physical therapist is having me use it for. Let’s get started…

Simply Fit

Things To Use:

Simply Fit -- Visit for more info..

  • Simply Fit Board®
  • Weighted Fitness Ball
  • Fitness Band

While performing all of these exercises there at physical therapy, I stand by the trampoline handle just in case I feel off balance and about to fall. Here at the house, I use a chair or the couch.

Exercise #1:

Simply Fit -- Visit for more info.. The first thing we started with was where I just stood on the board. I did nothing else but stand to see if I had the balance to stay on it without moving. After we determined I did, he had me tilt from side to side and then front to back.

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Exercise #2:

Simply Fit -- Visit for more info.. The next exercise he had me try involved using a weighted fitness ball. Here, in the picture, is a six pound but I’m only up to four pounds. For the first set of about 10, while standing on the board, I start the ball with it in front of my right hip then go diagonal up to my left side. I then to the same going the opposite direction.

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Exercise #3:

Simply Fit -- Visit for more info.. The last exercise he has had me do on the simply fit board is using a fitness band. While having the ends wrapped in my hands and standing on the board, I stretch it out and back in again for about a 15 count.

There you go, a few exercises you can do if you’re like me and not able to twist yet or at all.

Have any questions about today’s Random Tuesday topic or have one yourself you do other exercises on besides the twisting part? Please comment below, I would love to hear some more options I can do in the meantime! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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