Secret Weapon for Journaling

Finally Scrap It Friday is Here!

For everyone here in the States, Congratulations, we made it to the weekend! Personally, I thought it would never come! Anyways, remember this week’s “Write It Wednesday’s” post? If you haven’t checked it out here click here. Today, I’m going to show you how I put Facebook’s Activity Log to work for me. If you know me, I hate journaling in my scrapbooks. This is mainly because on vacations I don’t write the stuff down or even for everyday pictures; therefore, I don’t remember everything to do the journaling. Well, I now have a secret weapon for journaling I am sharing with y’all all! Let’s get started…

Secret Weapon for Journaling

Things I Use:

  • Vellum
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip
  • 12 by 12 Scrapbook  “Notebook” Paper
  • Re-positional Adhesive

Secret Weapon for Journaling -- Visit for more info...Do you post various updates all the time on Facebook? You probably post a lot of pictures too and to go with those pictures add some type of caption to go with them. Well as you saw on my “Activity Log” post, while I lived in Mississippi I posted a lot and I am certainly glad I did.

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Since I’ve been working on my pictures I took during my time at the MS Gulf Coast and found this little secret weapon, I have used it constantly as my journaling on my scrapbook pages. What’s even more great is I’ve been using my new calligraphy skills to do all my journaling in now.

Writing It Out:

Secret Weapon for Journaling -- Visit for more info...Once I find what I want to write out off my Facebook Activity Log, I write it out on a sheet of paper first. Since I usually use my iPhone I do this mainly so my phone doesn’t die so quickly. Then I place a piece of vellum on top of my piece of notebook scrapbook paper with a little bit of re-positional adhesive and carefully start writing.

Cricut AccessIf there’s room, I place the journaling to match the pictures on the same page. On the chance there isn’t room, I place several pieces on a separate double page that has nothing but the journaling for the two double pages on either side of the journaling ones.

Secret Weapon for Journaling -- Visit for more info...There you go, my secret weapon for journaling. Now it’s time for you to get busy and get journaling for those who don’t like it just as much as me. Need pictures printed but don’t have time or access to the right printer? Visit Snapfish for all your picture needs. You can even use their website for storing all your photos and sorting them in albums so you know what is what.

Need some calligraphy pens and vellum to get started? I usually get my vellum from either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Craft Store, depends on which one is closest at the time when we are out-of-town for retreats. For the calligraphy pens, more specifically Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip, I purchase mine off Also, don’t forget to go through eBates for a 10% cash back for Snapfish and other various stores.

Have any questions about today’s post? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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