It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s Scrap It Friday!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day yesterday! My family ate, chatted, and then took naps until it was time for the LSU game. Since it’s the day after Thanksgiving, also known as the Official Black Friday, I thought I would share this page kit from Mosaic Moments. Let’s get started with “It’s a Jungle Out There”…

It’s a Jungle Out There

Things Used:

It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info....

  • Adhesive
  • Mosaic Moment Page Kit

Save 25% on Nike at NFLShop.comSo I basically decided this page kit was perfect because when you think of Black Friday, you think of crowds after crowds trying to be the first to get whatever it is with the best price of the year. For years, all my aunts and girl cousin (about 10 of us total) would meet up at Stein Mart first thing in the morning, then head to a local breakfast restaurant. After breakfast we usually went to Michael’s Craft Store and then over to the civic center for the craft show. Once we were finished at the craft show we would pile back up into the vehicles and have lunch some where.

Step #1:

It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info.... It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info....

As usual, I placed the smallest pieces in their places first. Yes, there are leaves and flowers on this layout, however if you look at it in a different perspective you can see how it would be great for Black Friday pictures. I mean think about it, when I’ve done the whole Black Friday shopping it’s usually a bunch of my aunts and cousins as I stated above, and it was mainly women and girls that did the shopping unless you’re going to shops like Academy Sports, Bass Pro, and Best Buy.
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Step #2:

It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info....Once all the smaller pieces were in place, I added in the matting or journaling pieces. Though as you can see, I have left off the left side of the layout and have not placed one of the box on yet.

Step #3:

So the blank spot above is this photo mat with the ribbon. Basically all you do, if you’re new at this, is tie a knot to one side of the piece of ribbon. Once you’ve got your knot you just use your adhesive and attache the ends of the ribbon to the back of the white piece of matting in this case. Again, if you’re new at this, ribbon just adds a little more if you don’t want to add anything else; which is perfect since ribbon can be super cute and cheap.

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Step #4:

It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info.... It's a Jungle Out There -- Visit for more info....

And there you go, a quick page that could be easily finished at wherever you scrapbook. Need pictures printed but don’t have time or access to the right printer? Visit Snapfish for all your picture needs. You can even use their website for storing all your photos and sorting them in albums so you know what is what. Also, don’t forget to go through eBates for a 10% cash back for Snapfish and other various stores.

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Have any questions about today’s “Snap ‘N Crop”/”Mosaic Moments” page kit? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird


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