Hip Scope Surgery Part 2

It’s Random Tuesday Y’all!

It’s been a long several days and I’m still tired. Hope everyone is having a great December so far. Y’all better get those top wanted toys for the kids before they sell out and you can’t find them. You know, the way they do in so many Christmas movies. Anyways, today I thought I would give those interested, a quick breakdown on how my hip scope surgery part 2 went and how I’m doing. Let’s get started…

Hip Scope Surgery Part 2

Hip Scope Surgery Part 2 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
I know I look awesome! 😂 don’t judge been up since 4am and haven’t had anything to eat or drink… stomach growling! Getting ready for surgery.. hope everyone has a great day! no worries it’s an easy peasy type of surgery…

So, Thursday morning (Dec 1st), I had to be up at the surgery facility by 730am. We got there about 715am just for the heck of it and because I was bout to go stir crazy. They called me to the back about 745am and I got changed and whatnot. They had this blanket thing that blew up with a heater to keep me warm, which was awesome since I was bout to freeze. My dad and uncle decided to leave and go eat breakfast down the street at McDonald’s; which was perfectly fine, nothing they could do anyways. They were back in plenty of time before I got taken back. **The picture above I posted on my Facebook page and the caption is what I typed to go with it…**

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Hip Scope Surgery Part 2 Time:

They FINALLY took me back about 1030am I think it was maybe a little later, I seem to be a bit fuzzy on the time now. I know it was pretty close to lunch time since I remember telling my dad and uncle they would be able to go eat lunch there at McAlister’s if they wanted and could even walk, since it was easily walking distance.

During surgery my doctor put in 3 stitches in the new ligament tear and got rid of the bone spur I seem to have had. Last year when I had the surgery I also had a bone spur they found once they got in there. I was told the surgery took about an hour and a half, so much for the 20 minutes doc thought it would take. 😂 After I was good to go from recovery, my uncle brought my car around and they brought me home.

Since Hip Scope Surgery Part 2:

Hip Scope Surgery Part 2 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
Nurse Grace on duty!

Well since my surgery I’ve been extremely tired but still going and doing things. Over the days, I have had to get up way to much to let the dog and cat out. I’ve managed to carry my own stuff back and forth from the kitchen more or less.

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Don’t get my wrong, the first day after my surgery dad didn’t go in to work and I stayed on the couch and he brought me what I needed when I needed it. Other than that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today; I have been doing most myself. If you missed it Friday, I did manage to finish my post Thursday night and get it posted.

I remember I kept falling asleep trying to get it typed up, but I got it finished. For yesterday’s post, I finally finished it but it took me longer due to other unexpected reasons. Be sure to check both of those out if you haven’t yet.


Hip Scope Surgery Part 2 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
This is the only pic of the bandages I will post since there’s nothing to it…

The instructions I were given said to remove the bandages 2 days after surgery, however; since my cousin who was supposed to help me when that never called or anything, I waited to Sunday. Just as well too since I did not sleep very well at all Sunday night afraid I was going to hurt something now that my big huge bandage was removed. I replaced my huge bandages with 4 water proof band-aids. Four band-aids were used so I could criss cross them over the 2 incisions I have, as I like to be sure. It probably would have only taken one over each incisions but oh well. I’ll change them again in a day or so and just do one.

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Hip Scope Surgery Part 2 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
Physical therapy round two… Me yesterday morning waiting for my therapist to come in to evaluate me before getting started…

I started physical therapy yesterday and I only have 6 weeks left to go. Since I’m unable to drive, I’m dependent on others until my mom and sister get back. I’m thinking after I finished with physical therapy, I’ll join the gym across the street and go to my personal trainer I had before to help me continue my exercises. To make sure I don’t do anything extreme, I’ll have my Physical Therapist make a list of what I can and should not do when I start there. Once I (hopefully) move back down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I’ll join a gym down there and do the same with continuing my exercises in hope to prevent this happening again.

There you go, a quick breakdown on how everything is going now it’s been 5 days after my surgery. Hope you enjoyed and if you are having to have the same type of surgery everything goes just as well. Be sure to leave a comment below if you are or have been through the same. I love hearing the different stories and any tips to help prevent this from happening. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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