Grace’s New GPS

It’s Random Tuesday!

So for one of my very first “Random Tuesday” posts, I review a Pet GPS I had for my tripawd cat. Today, I decided I would give you an update on that review (be sure to read it so you’ll know why). As much as I loved the other GPS, I was forced to purchase another one. Again, read the previous post and you will learn why.

Grace’s New GPS

I’ve been using this particular GPS now for several months. There are a few things I like about it and there’s several things I don’t like about it so much. Let’s get started…

Grace's New GPS -- Visit for more infoThings I don’t like:

First of all, I paid $54.00 on Though not as much as my first one, keep reading and you’ll realize why this was too much. Once I got it in, I found there was no easy way to put it on a collar of choice. It came with its own collar (black) and well I just didn’t like the collar. Apparently you can get  different colors but I didn’t seem to have the choice when I ordered mine. Secondly, you have to purchase a SIM card in order for it to work.

Grace's New GPS -- Visit for more info
Yes, I know the collar is upside-down, as you can see though, I have rigged my collar of choice up with the pink polka dot ribbon. This particular collar lights up at night which is why I prefer this collar over the solid black one.

You can purchase a SIM card online but nonetheless, you have to also pay a monthly fee for that SIM card. I went across to AT&T and am now paying $45 a month to keep track of my Grace. This is why the original price I paid ended up being too much and not worth it. The rate I’m going it’s going to break my bank so I’ll be looking for a new one soon.
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Another thing I don’t like is the app version of location. You have to have access to something that allows you to get the APN number off the SIM card in order for it to work. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have anything to get this number. I was told an unlocked iPhone or a Samsung phone would work; but the SIM card is too big for both of what I have and the one iPhone that I do have that it fits in doesn’t allow access to the number.

Due to not having access to the APN number, in order to locate Grace I have to text the number each time for an update. Unlike the first one I had where I could just open the app and watch her come back.

Things I like:

Grace's New GPS -- Visit for more infoThe battery lasts forever! I’m not having to charge it every 3-4 days like the first one. When you send for the coordinates it also send the battery level. Though my other GPS automatically alerted me when it was low, this one does not; therefore, if I don’t have to send for the coordinates I don’t know the battery level. But again, I have gone over a week without having to charge it. Another thing I like about this GPS is uhhh…oh wait there isn’t anything else!

Guess I’ll be finding that new one sooner rather than later! Hope that helps on anyone looking for a GPS for their pet that likes to be outside all the time.

Any recommendations? Please let me know if the comments below! After my Grace broke her ‘wrist’ and had to have her leg amputated I don’t like her being outside without knowing where she is. Once I move into another apartment it will be okay but being where I am now where she just roams the neighborhood, not so much.

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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