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Happy Scrap It Friday Y’all!

We made it through another week!  Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend!  I wanted to go to the Hot-Air Balloon Festival they are having here in town but I’m out-of-town picking my sister up from the airport.  It’s a win-lose situation: so happy my sister is back in the States, but so sad I’m gonna miss the festival as it’s been years since they’ve had it here in town.  Oh well, I’d rather see my sis anyways. 😛

Egyptian Lady:

So several years back my dad had one of my drawing I did in 5th grade framed.  I semi-remember making this but what I do remember and why he got it framed was because it was hung in the office at school for a long time.  Grant it, I was in 5th grade when I made it but I think I was a pretty good drawer/painter if I do say so myself.  😄

It dawned on me just a the other day about making a post on this painting despite the fact its hanging in the front entry of my parents house for years and even at our old house I grew up in, my dad had it hanging in the living room.

Always A Crafter:

I remember when I was in Elementary school I use to love going to art class.  Luckily, for me I was able to make it rather than miss it like I had to miss music and sometime P.E. — I’ll talk more about that in future posts so be sure to come back and/or subscribe at the bottom to receive e-mails for each post I make. —  So yes, I use to love art and always have, but in art class we made paintings, paper maches, and tons of other things.

Out of art class, I was a scrapbooker, always trying to make my pages look as great at my moms (HA and still working on that!).  Grant it, my pages will NEVER look as great as my mom’s pages, but I still try.  She makes her pages so detailed and add things you would never imagine. <– more in future posts and I’ll try to even post some of her elaborate pages she has done over the years.

Mind Mapping:

Once I hit high school and college I started drawing things to help me remember stuff for tests.  Then while at the end of getting my Psychology degree, I was introduced to Mind Mapping.  It wasn’t until I started my Marine Science degree that I used the method.  When I was first introduced to mine mapping, I looked at the mind mapping programs to make them through a computer program, but it just wasn’t the same.

I have several mind maps I did for my GIS tests.  I had been struggling on the test as the computer program portion of the class was just too easy for me, but for the tests I made mind maps and if it weren’t for them I would have never passed the class.  Once again, I’ll talk about mind mapping in a later post.

So, back to my original topic, here it is.  My Egyptian Lady…

JBird's 5th grade Egyptian PaintingI think it looks pretty good for a 5th grader.  I mean, like I said before, it was hung in the school’s office for a long time.

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