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So a few weeks ago I introduce some of the teas and other things I have from Teavana. Today, I decided I wanted to show you exactly how I make my tea these days. The process has become a lot more easier than it was when I first started using loose tea leaves. As I showed in my previous post, I originally started making their tea with their “Perfect Tea Maker” and when I’m out-of-town for one reason or another I still use it.

Once I moved back from Florida back in 2005, I misplaced my “perfect tea maker” so I settled with using a coffee maker. Yep that’s right, I used a coffee maker to make my tea. Unfortunately, coffee makers only have one setting and tea doesn’t come out as great as it does when set at the right temperature and steeped for the right amount of time. So, today, I am going to show how I make my “Comfort Wellness” tea.

Comfort Wellness

Things You’ll Need:

Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info

Now, I use a Breville Tea Maker. It has the one-touch buttons to make it quick and easy for putting the tea on the right temperature and time. Again, this is important so you can enjoy your tea the right way without it tasting bitter, too strong, or too weak.

Step #1:

To make for an easy clean up I like to use the paper tea filters. Since I use my tea leaves twice to fill up my pitcher, I use double to amount I normally use. Most teas say to use 1.5 perfect tea spoons per 8 ounces; so I normally use 3 teaspoons per 8 ounces. So for this particular tea causes I used a total of 6 perfect tea spoons. I put 3 perfect tea spoons in one filter, and 3 more in another filter. It keeps the taste until I’m finished, while also filling up my pitcher plus enough to fill a tea-cup to enjoy right then when finished.

Step #2:

Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more infoThere are two different slash marks on the glass jug, one for when making tea, and the other for hot water. For one particular way of using the hot water mark check back to see my post. The making tea mark is at the 1200 point of the jug. So you will want to add water just to that point.

Step #3:

              Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info           Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info

Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more infoNext, add the two filter bags to the stainless steel tea basket and then place the tea basket in its place in the glass jug. Then you will want to set the time and temperature. I did a custom set for 205* for 5 minutes on the first go around of making the tea.

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Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more infoWhen I make the second batch so to speak, I upped the time to 5.5 minutes. This allows the tea leaves to steep for just a little longer getting the rest of the flavor out of the leaves. At least that’s the way I think of it. On some of my teas, I will do a third round and add either 1 or 2 minutes more depending on which tea it is. For the temperature on this particular tea I kept it the same but on some of my others I tend to up it too depending on the tea, just a little.

Step #4:

      Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info          Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info

Once the first batch is finished I pour it into my tea pitcher, but before pouring it in I also like to add a little sweetness to my tea. Using Teavana’s German Rock Sugar and Perfect Tea Spoon, I add 3 spoonfuls to my pitcher. I love this particular tea pitcher because if there’s not quite enough room in the fridge for it to stand up, it can lay on its side and not leak. It’s also great for traveling, as when I worked at the zoo I would make my tea before going to bed and take it with me the next morning. It was great especially when it was actually cold here.

Step #5:

                                    Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info      Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info

Enjoy! Once the second batch is finished, pour what fits in the pitcher and the rest in a tea-cup to enjoy. Just be careful as it is super hot especially at 205*; I usually have to wait for mine to cool way off. 😂

About Comfort Wellness:

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According to Teavana’s website, the Comfort Wellness Tea is where “Ginger, lemon and rooibos smooth and soothe while spearmint and peppermint lend a sweet, uplifting note. Balance your being with ginger’s feel-good warmth and mint’s soothing coolness.”

                          Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info            Comfort Wellness -- Visit for more info

The ingredients include:

“Ginger root, orange peel, green rooibos, lemon verbena, chamomile, spearmint leaves, fennel seed, licorice root, peppermint leaves, natural flavor, orange oil, lemon essence oil.”
Not sure about the taste? Come back to see my post of what I use to swift it up a bit.
Have any questions about Teavana’s Teas? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll try to respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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