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Just a little more than 38 years ago my parents meet each other at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. If I remember right, my mom was a Home Economics Major at the time trying to graduate before her dad passed away. Unfortunately, he passed before graduating. She did graduate but then she also graduated in Special Education; where eventually she became a 5th Special Ed teacher at the school I also attending for Elementary and Middle school.

My dad, was a General Major but only because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Over the years he has gone from demolition to lingerie to house rentals and now he is the starter and owner of one of the largest manufacturer and distributor in our area for fitness equipment. He designs for the most part every piece he sales.

In 2001, my mom became an Instructional Specialist; though our principal at the school I attended and she worked at before, was not happy she was leaving. In 2004, my mom decided to take a year off of work. That year became a really big year of traveling before the tragic happened.

In April of 2004, my parents traveled to Taiwan for a couple of weeks. Then we had to travel down to LSU for my sisters graduation. Shortly after that my sister and her boyfriend at the time, moved to California right outside San Diego. Since the vehicle my sister had the trailer connected to didn’t seem to want to handle it, my parents had to meet them where they had stopped in Texas and drive the rest of the way out. Luckily, my mom loves to drive because once they got home they packed another trailer and headed down to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where I had just moved to. 2004 was probably one of the most traveled year for my parents but especially for my mom considering.

Unfortunately, in November 2004, as I have slightly mentioned before, my mom had a major stroke. She had a quarter size bleed at the based of her brain next to her brain stem. The doctors didn’t have any hope for her whatsoever! Well I’ve got news for everyone who gets that type of news. DOCTORS don’t know everything! They don’t control what happens! Her doctors said ‘if she made it, she would never walk, talk, eat, or do anything by herself again.

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HA! She drives everywhere, goes to every scrapbook retreat she can make it to, and has been to Europe, UK, Turkey. She has a Fitbit Charge HR and makes sure she gets at least 10,000 steps a day, whether she walks on the treadmill, makes various circles around the house, or walks around in Target where is cool. My mom, also has a 3-wheeled bike my dad got for her a few years ago she rides to take our dog for walks.

My dad does everything he can to make sure my mom gets to do what she wants. Over the years, he has grown the fitness business from selling treadmills out of the garage on eBay to having a humongous warehouse of fitness equipment he has, like I said before, designed and had manufactured. He makes sure everything is in stock so they have orders ready to go. In less than 6 months after our warehouse burned to the ground in 2014, he had his new warehouse up and running. Before they were actually in the warehouse offices, his dedicated employees worked from home and together they kept the company going without missing a heartbeat.

So, here’s to the 38 wonderful years of being married and the many more to come! Thanks for being y’all!! 😊

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